Powerful License Activation and Management for the Professional FileMaker Developer

Protecting your intellectual property couldn't be easier. LicenseLiaison manages the activation process of licenses including Trial, Paid, and Refunded. You can even enable features within your customers' software remotely!

Many license modes

With LicenseLiaison, your customers run their license in a variety of ways, all determined by you! Trial, Paid, Suspended, or Refunded.

Real power, for the power-developer

Beyond the status of a given license, you have control over dynamically passing information from the License Server to your solution based on the given solution, OR the given customer. For example (simple), version control. You tell the License Server the current version of a solution, and every time that solution launches, the current version is determined. How about a really complex example? Custom Parameters. Each solution, and each customer can have custom parameters defined. This can be anything you can imagine. Custom Parameters are used to pass any name/value pair to your solution. One way you would use this is to enable special features within your solution if the customer pays you an upgrade. They don't have to download anything, the special feature is enabled via the License Server, and "turns on" the next time they launch the solution.